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How do I fix CDLC that does not show?



HI all,


I finally got CDLC working on my Mac, but only a handful of songs show up in my song list.  I thought it was because of downloading them from somewhere other than here, but even content I pull from CustomsForge does not show.


For example, I have 6 AC/DC songs, only 3 of which show up.  One was downloaded elsewhere, but the other two came from here.


Is there some way to fix them or figure out what is wrong?


Do file permissions matter?  File names?  Or is there some way to use the CustomToolkit to see the file's structure?


Thanks for any info!

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I am able to see other CDLC, using stuff I have pulled from here, and RSInjector (actually it seems I don't even need that since the list is the same with or without it).  So it seems to me there is a problem with the files themselves.


I tried opening a broken file in the CustomToolkit's Packer/Unpacker tab, but I have no idea if that is even the correct thing to do...  I get the popup saying the AppID was successfully changed, but the file still does not show in RS.

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Ok, wait a second... I think the files that are not showing up, and I mean literally missing, not appearing but broken, are *_p.psarc files, and the ones that work are *_m.psarc files.


So, the question is, can I convert a p to an m, and if so, how??

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