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Rocksmith - Beginner's Guide


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Rocksmith is the ultimate way to learn guitar using your PS3, Xbox 360 or PC. Find out how it works in this "how to" video.



Don't listen to the people saying this won't help you, download youtube 720p "Learn" to play guitar. Learning to play guitar is simple and easy but it takes a lot of time. It's all about training your hands to be able to play / shape and make the techniques comfortable and "easy" without putting thought into it. theory is learning and understanding music and can be applied to any instrument not just guitar and shouldn't be associated with the "learning" of ANY specific instrument. Practicing guitar is about being able to play it, theory is about learning and understanding music. It will mean nothing if you can't play the thing. Theory SHOULD be applied to instruments but should not be confused with the training it requires to achieve "musicians Dexterity".

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