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Wizards in Winter


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My feeble attempt at first custom. I know the RS bar notes didn't show up on testing so if you can add some helpful hints I would greatly appreciate it. I tried to sync the notes as best by going right down the song note by note. 


1. needs this

2. needs that

3. forget it, etc you know


Thanks you.







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1 - Song doesn't show up in Rocksmith. Solution: change app id to Cherub Rock (which is what most people here would expect).

2 - Sometimes a little bit out of sync I believe (most often little bit late), but no problems with registering if I play along with the song

3 - adding sections is helpful when using Riff Repeater which is a necessity for me to learn the solo :)

4 - adding phrases is helpful when using Dynamic Difficulty. This is really easy with DDC in RCST, you don't have to add phrases or difficulty levels manually. But, I'm not sure whether DD© is helpful in this song, rhythm is very easy and for solo I would have to slow it down to get the trick.

5 - since you've included the solo I would call it a Lead arrangement, but that's me :)

6 - I'm not good at this, but isn't there a part with palm mutes? It's easier to add this in a guitar pro file if you're working from this than in EoF.

7 - I see 4 guitar here (

), isn't there more to play? (bass or whatever). You might want to use this as a source for that: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/t/trans-siberian_orchestra/wizards_in_winter_4_guitars_guitar_pro.htm .

All 'my' CDLC's are free to be improved upon and re-released by anybody. Constructive comments are welcome as well :)

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