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Making Customs



So i spent past two week trying to figure out how to create CDLC, long story short I'm useless.. I've seen tons of videos and have been doing each step but somewhere down the line i miss and or mess something up. Would anyone be willing to make a dummies guide to making Customs, or be kind enough to create it for me... I have the .gp and .ogg files needed. Before commenting sending me links to the guides i have probably already seen it, nor do i want any petty comments telling me I'm stupid or whatever, Help or don't 

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I have checked most video's also, and stummbled across issues also now and then.

I learned alot by trail and error.

First I always convert the tab to be GP5 format, as EOF seem to be working best with it, as slides and so import beautiful.

Then ofc check the tab, listen to it, if you hear any strange notes orso, check for BPM changes, I always mark the BPM changes in the tab, so that way it will show up in EOF, to have the correct possition to change the BPM, and I always check if the BPM changes are correct in the tab across all the tracks, as sometimes it's messed up by the creator of the tab.

And there's alot more probably that I forget to tell atm.

I actually thought about making a video how I do it, but I hate to talk into a microphone, so it would be only video and no explaining. :)

So I better let that to other people.

bassicly the backing tracks I create, are including checking the tab, and making the final file for here, done in about 45-60 minutes to do.

I still lack the ability to create tabs myself as I still haven't looked into that, to much theory for me atm, no music background at all here since I started playing guitar, I almost never listened much to music also.

Anyway good luck on your journey, and don't give up on it, keep going. ;)

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i thought i made progress and made some CDLc but i create them and upload them i havent played them until today but noticing that the notes go out of sync half way through the song, any idea how to fix this? Im surprised with the amount of downloads noone has pointed this problem out...


Thnx in advanced 

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Read post 2.b 

It goes over how to make a beatmap so that your notes will stay in sync. The reason a straight tab import doesn't work is because people aren't perfect. If you set the tab to be at 80 BPM, the drummer might do 80.23 BPM but it can only be shown as 80. While .23 BPM doesn't seem like much, it adds up, so you need to do a beatmap, which changes the bpm according to the notes that are played.

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