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RockSmith 2014 with Drums



So does it ever look like RockSmith 2014 with add drums? I just pick up a Alesis Command Mesh Kit I tried and ran a real tone cable to my out put on my Alesis and I can hear my whole set in rock smith . I have been hunting for a month for something that's like RockSmith 2014 which i love. But I ran across this DTXMania Program for free found a ton of songs and even made a frew myself that was so easy and it works great, other then my snare is very touchy in the game but works for now just waiting for drums to be added RockSmith 2014.  It would so cool playing a three piece band with some friends. So for you drummers out there with E-Drums here something for now that works. 

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More of a guess than an answer here :

if Drums ever get added to Rocksmith, it would probably not be in the current release of the game or any major update. 

the Realtone cable isn't really suited for accoustic drums, which are rarely "in tune" relative to another drum set, and E-drums have a lot of potential but using midi rather than jack out.


Also, the current GUI and Psarc format would probably need a partial rewrite to make it work with drums, and the 1300+ songs currently released by Ubisoft would also need to be updated 


Rocksmith is a niche-game, but most guitarists can afford or already have an electric guitar, which isn't the case for drummers with e-drumset.


So it is very likely that it will never be added.


But we can always dream : 
I think the main issue with rocksmith right now is latency. An ASIO-Realtone soundcard with midi IN could "easily" be done for an entity like Ubisoft, and could open possibilities for a new Rocksmith release. 

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