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Other ways to connect Guitar, bass, etc.. to RockSmith (PC)



So, there are two ways to connect to RockSmith, you have a microphone sitting in-front of your Amplifier, or in-front of the guitar itself if you are using an acoustic. You also have their "Real-tone" cable which from what i hear doesn't work all that well and that's it. I want to know if it would be possible to take the output of an amplifier's headphone port, and then plug that into a computers input port which is typically used for a microphone or any other input device. I am sure its possible, but for some reason it does not work for me, do i have to have the amplifier turned up high, or is there something else i am forgetting? I would perfer to use the "line out" of my amp because the way my setup is, i have to turn the amp up high for it to work, and even then the game seems to have a hard time recognizing it. Any help is appreciated.  

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You also have their "Real-tone" cable which from what i hear doesn't work all that well and that's it.

Note sure where you got that assumption from though. A vast majority of RS player use the RTC and have had no issue with over 6 or so years. It's the simplest, safest and best option to play the game really.


As for Microphone mode, you can user it in many different ways than just using an actual microphone. It works with any interface capable of 16 bit / 48kHz resolution.


As you note though, depending on where the signal comes from, it can be extremely problematic for RS. There's a lot of technical specification that will matter and will alter you result (as would adding effect to the signal like an amp distortion) that makes this situation a lot more complicated than one would think at first sight.


This brings me to what a few people do with their setup, they split the guitar signal, use the RTC on one output for RS, use the other output to go to an amp. This way you get both a clean signal to RS and your amp sound without many trouble that you would get with trying to pick up the signal in the middle of your usual signal chain.

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