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Songs from RS2012 not available on RS2014 Remastered (Steam)





I'm new to RS2014 (Remastered version on PC - Steam) and having a quite annoying issue with it.

Songs from RS2012 are not available.


I checked the dlc folder. I have the rs1compatibilitydlc_p-psarc file but don't have the rs1compatibilitydisc_p.psarc one.


According to what I found on the Internet, I have to own RS2012. So I bought RS2012.

New thing now is, when I lauch the game, I have a message telling me it detected I own RS2012 and inviting me to buy/import  RS2012 songs. If I select OK, steam store opens and I don't have nothing concerning RS2014 or 2012...

Same if I go to the RS2014 store in the game (not the steam one).


I tried to reinstall the game (folders have been deleted). It's the same.


Don't know if it's important but CDLC work fine. I tried to remove them, including the dll, it's the same.


So, could anybody help me please? Thanks.

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For getting the on disc songs, you need to own RS1 and also buy the Disc Import Tool


Note that DLC that were released for RS1 will automatically be available in RS2014 when you buy them on steam (and you don't need the import tool or RS1 for that to work).

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Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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Thank you very much firekorn. I didn't manage to find that damn tool using the search bar in Steam store.

Now I have the link. I'll try that and confirm here if it's OK.


EDIT : That works, great! :D

Thank you very much again. Guess that was a noob question but with all the stuff on the Internet, saying you should have the songs directly, RS2012 is no more needed and so on, I was lost. Now, I have all the RS1 songs.

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