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CDLC Songs Not Loading Past Tuning Screen



So I recently bought Rocksmith from Steam along with Cherub Rock. I've read and watched so many tutorials on how to play CDLC in Rocksmith and followed them all exactly and it is still not working. The song appears in the game, but once I select it and tune my guitar the song doesn't load. The game just stays with the two speakers in the background, but registers when I play notes on the guitar.


I have ensured the .Dll file is named exaclty as specified in many forums on here "D3DX9_42.dll" with no extra characters in the name. I have also placed my "CDLC" folder in the root of the Rocksmith folder (Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014) as well as in the "DLC" folder and the same issue is occuring. I also read in another forum on here that some people were having success by placing the .Dll file in the "DLC" folder, which I tried and the issue is still occurring. 


I also found out about another way to use CDLC in another tutorial I watched that involves placing a .exe file named "Rocksmith2014_patcher" in the root of the Rocksmith folder and using that to launch the game, instead of launching it through steam. I tried that method and the command prompt window opens and says that the game has been patched, but I still cannot get past the tuning screen. Can anyone please offer any additional solutions?? I've also attached a screenshot of the root of the Rocksmith folder, as that seems to be a common request on here.


Also some additional information:

OS: Windows 10

Tried with several CDLC files, and ensured the package ID is Cherub Rock on each of them. The 3 files I tried are: Under The Bridge, God Knows, and Scar Tissue. 

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I suggest you install the CFSM app and it will ensure that the dll is the correct one and is name properly and located at the right place :



Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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