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Correct chord not registering properly


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Issue I'm having with a track I'm finishing up.  Changes in one section go from G5-D5-G5-D5.

This is in drop d, so the fingering SHOULD go 555-000-555-000 as entered in EOF.   After testing in game it shows 555-555-555-222.  I've toyed with the section and nothing seem seems to fix it to the correct fingering and fret position. Any help? Problem occurs at 1:10, measure 37.


Link to the notes.eof file:



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It's the intentional behavior that for auto-generated fret hand positions, EOF will use the extra time the player has during an open note to place the next fret hand position suitably for the notes that follow. If you want to delay the fret hand change to fret 2 until measure 45, you'll need to do some manual edits to the fret hand positions. You can have EOF generate them and keep them in the project (so you can edit them, instead of just automatically during save) by using "Track>Rocksmith>Fret hand positions>Generate all diffs", enabling the display of fret hand positions at the top of the piano roll (the "top of 2D pane" item in File>Preferences>Preferences) to make it easy to see where the position changes occur, and then use the set and list functions in the "Track>Rocksmith>Fret hand positions" menu to add or delete positions as you see fit.

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