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nvidia shadowplay wont work with rocksmith

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Anyone else having troubles i use nvidia shadowplay to record my cdlc play through videos and like a month ago it just stopped working once rocksmith is playing.  It works fine on other games so I cant seem to figure it out.  It says its recording and shows it in the folder but once i stop the recording it disappears :(

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Super lame, as the easiest way for me - until now - to record rocksmith playthroughs has been shadowplay. 


I was having the same issue, where it would appear that recording was working in-game, but when I exited or alt-tabbed to look at my output directory it was empty. 


After searching the internets I only found this thread. Truly, the latest releases of gforce experience broken the ability to record rocksmith.


I uninstalled gforce experience, and reinstalled an older version (v3.8.0.89) and it works again.


I hope this is a bug and not 'working as intended', so that it is fixed in future releases of gforce exp.

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I switched over to MSI afterburner it has a video record option it just has file sizes that are like 10 gig bigger than shadowplay.  I just delete them after uploading so I guess its not that big a deal.  Hopefully nvidia fixes there stuff eventually but it doesnt seem likely

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