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[E Standard: A445 - REO Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You


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Artist: REO Speedwagon


Song: Keep On Loving You


Music Video:


Path up for testing:




Tuning: E Standard: A445


Dynamic Difficulty: No DD yet, just section/phrases and RR.


Tones: Grab the Overdrive and Lead tones from Take It On The Run DLC from REO Speedwagon.


PC Link: Keep On Loving You (PC)


Note that this files are only WIP and should not be shared to anyone without proper authorization from it's author

Check out my Released, WIP, and
Future CDLCs here(Ubisoft Style):
I)ark_Seph's Customs

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Had a quick glance at the lead and there's qui a few thing that bother me :


You have lots of chord where there's a frethand mute note in the middle, this is known to provoke recognition issue and is a useless indication.


As much as i appreciate the fact you want to indicate all the subtilities of the picking by indicating which note exactly are picked on some arpeggios section this is just making the chart messier when this is more about interpretation of the artist. It's highly debatable but right now i think it's not in a situation where playing it feels natural.


Regarding overall sustain and handshape duration, it could use some work to really looks clean.


You have pick scrape that could use some proper indication (also note that they tend to use the split status to avoid displaying the chord and handshape now).


Also just a side note that has nothing to do with the song but why do you have to put tons of different color on all your message?

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New version up for testing. Getting lyrics synced up, rhythm path needs to be worked from lead path. Uses Iminashi's DDC workaround, multiple tone definitions, and more things have been fixed and improved. Need to tweak the tone volume and song volume. Enjoy!

Check out my Released, WIP, and
Future CDLCs here(Ubisoft Style):
I)ark_Seph's Customs

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