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Ibanez GRX20 Good guitar to start with?


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I'm getting settle for rocksmith 2014 and in couple weeks I am going to buy my first guitar ever.

I currently play nothing, and know barely nothing about guitars.


Many people told me, one of the best electric guitar to start with is the Ibanez GRX20




The price makes me happy also I also found the blue color really cool.


About my budget, I'd say is about $100-170, and the kind of music I wanna play, wel,l kind of like any type of rock. I enjoy most of the library of the guitar hero series and rocksmith aswell.


I will not buy an amp/pedal. I intend to plug my guitar only on an PC, most to play rocksmith and futher on Waves GTR or ReValver or something else.


Would you guys recommend this electric guitar?


Thank you.


Btw, i love this site and the work you guys are doing, these custom songs are just amazing!

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Just have to look around on google at ratings. Amazon is a good place to get a guitar. Refurbished ones are probably best because most everything is already set up. I would look into Epiphone personally; Quality guitars at a low price. First guitar won't really be anything super special.

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I agree with Liquidlizar a used guitar is the way to go for sure.  If you're in the US, pawn shops are really good.  I got a BC Rich Gunslinger Retro for $160.  Those retail new for $350 at Samash / Guitar Center.


Personally I've never been Impressed by an Ibanez.  Out of the 25 or 30 so guitars I own none are Ibanez.


However, I have learned over the years that buying a guitar is more of a hands-on process.  You should head out to a music store and try as many in your price range as possible.  See what you like the feel of.  Then head to Craigslist or Ebay / Amazon and look for a deal on one.


My advice is, don't buy a guitar with a Floyd Rose.  They aren't meant to be tuned up and down like Rocksmith requires and just generally an all around pain in the ass for new guitar players.


The Fender style bridges are less temperamental so they're OK.  I like the $129 Squire Fat Strats as a starter.  With a good setup they are really great for the money.




All that said,  Again I agree with Liquidzar,  Your first guitar won't be the best.  If you can find a friend to go with you that plays that would give you a leg up.  Just play as many as possible in your price range and welcome to the never ending battle with your new guitar buying addiction.  :D

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