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Downloaded Songs won't show up



​After I downloaded a bunch of songs they don't show up in my learn a song in the game.  I am playing on PC and have multiple custom songs downloaded that do work.  I have done everything the same.  Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong or how to fix it?

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I'm having a similar issue. I purchased Cherub Rock years ago and I downloaded the latest version of the "D3DX9_42.dll" file, but only the CDLC songs I downloaded over a year ago are showing up - anything I've downloaded this year doesn't appear in the "Learn a Song" list.

I tried reinstalling Rocksmith 2014 remastered, opening the game with all the CDLCs moved elsewhere and then re-running the game after moving them back, but nothing appears to be working. Anyone else experience this?


EDIT - Randomly reinstalled the Cherub Rock file from Steam and it seemed to fix it. Guessing the old copy of the song wasn't matching the identifier with the new CDLC.

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@ firekorn


I already have cherub rock, that is how I got the songs that are showing up to work.  For example I downloaded 12 Pink Floyd songs. Only 2 of them show up in my learn a song playlist.  Everything was downloaded the same and put into the same folder at the same time.

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Here is a list of the songs I downloaded but don't show up.  


Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton

Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash

Learning to Fly - Pink Floyd

Pigs on the Wing - Pink Floyd

Pigs (three different ones) - Pink Floyd

Dogs - Pink Floyd

Sheep - Pink Floyd

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

Us and Them - Pink Floyd

Time - Pink Floyd

The sound of Silence- Simon and Garfunkel

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@@Dillan_w can you give use actual name for the song that doesn't shows up, and more information on the platform you are on? What you do exactly? Cause so far i'm navigating a bit blindly to figure out what can go wrong.


Note that you can always try to use the CFSM app to fix and repair most common issue on CDLC, it might help a lot.


Also verifying the integrity of the files cache via steam and re-installing Cherub Rock (by unchecking and rechking it in the RS library page on steam).

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In the process of writing down the steps of how I did it I think I found the problem. My download file location defaulted back to the "downloads" folder.  I transferred all the files into the correct folder and I that took care of it for every song except Sheep - Pink Floyd


I redownloaded it and double checked where it saved.  This is now the only song not working.  

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