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My cdlc not updating and how to i fix this bar


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​So I've imported my CDLC to check what needs tweaking as stated in this tutorial


​I've tweaked some parts and check for more issues but now when I tweak, save and import its not updating the track.

​I'm deleting the pervious version in the DLC folder and its not updating anything in game its like its still got the OLD version.

​has EOF stopped working properly or is it the import RS tool kit ?


​how to I fix this bar here as it seems to start where there is a time sign. change from 4/4 to 2/4 back to 4/4


​thanks again!


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That top bar is what show sections, so it indicates a lack of proper section all along the track (i talk about it in the part II)2.b of my tutorial)


As for the fact it's not properly reflecting the change you made, it's hard to say just like that but you could always delete the xml file to make sure EOF properly recreate them when you save, if not i would look into the expor preferences of EOF.


It should at least eliminate a good part of the options and with the newly create xml, i would first try to generate the psarc and see if it works before trying anything else.

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Yeah ill delete that and try thanks


I did follow your section on sections and phrases but this song is an instrumental so i was putting solo riff etc instead of verse or chorus sections. i did put intro at the start and named it count too.

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