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So I have been toying around in tone designer for quite some time so I can have a variety of presets assigned to my tone stick. After a lot of tweaking I was happy with this heavy, deep sound that (to me) sounds close to the Krankenstein and Diezel tones James uses on stage now.


Keep in mind that I am not at all seasoned with dialing in amps or have an ear for a good tone, but Rocksmith actually offers me greater sounds than I'll ever get out of my little budget amp at home. Without further ado, here are the modules and settings from top to bottom on the tone designer screen.


PRE: Noisegate - Threshold -64.00db; Rate 47     (I'm sure these will vary for different guitar calibrations)


AMP: HG-100 - Gain 73, Bass 50, Mid 50, Treble 50.




First: Germanium Overdrive - Gain 50, Tone 967


Second: 5-Band Graphic EQ - 63 HZ = 13db, 250 HZ = 6db, 750 HZ = -11db, 2.2 KHZ = 2db,

     5.7 KHZ  = 9db


Third: Tube Spring Reverb - Mix = 20, Depth = 46


CABINET: Marshall 1960 TV - Mic Position = Dynamic Cone


RACK: None



Having the Germanium Overdrive where I put it will add some crunch to the low end, but raising the gain on the amp will create muddiness and compromise on clarity. I tried to balance these sounds out because I feel like that crunch is essential to the sound this setup is trying to achieve.


The EQ is a rough mockup of the settings John Petrucci uses on his signature Mesa head, a brief closeup of his equalizer is shown during his demo of the amp. I don't have anything like a Mesa Boogie or Mark IIC++, therefore I don't have the slightest clue how to dial it in, but I figured JP knew this best and his setup offered a good starting point.


I like to turn up the manual balance, I have mine set to 10 in this case.

To me this sounds best in Eb standard


Hope some of y'all give this a try! Looking for feedback on how I can further shape this overall tone.

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Sweet.  I love messing with the Tone designer.  Most of the time I grab an authentic tone, and start playing around with the ain, cab's etc.  If you want what I consider the BEST, and most amazing solo tone for E standard.  Even Drop D.  Download Pink Floyd Comfortable nmb  but off the PULSE ALBUM.. 


IT's the sickest version of that badass song on this game.. I don't know how the hell people don't know about it.. I can't hardly play RS without riff repeating on the solo to the end of the song about 5 times lol.. I'l check out your tones and give you some feedback!  Tremonti has some decent tones as well to play with..  Need a good beefy thick deep tone for some badass chugs, but that can solo into higher octaves.. Just hard t do with a flippen keyboard lol.

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I haven't really found or made a tone that I've really, really liked, but to me this sounds awesome.  I've messed around and tweaked a few things here and there, but overall it's pretty much the same.  I personally think it matches pretty closely with the songs on Hardwired, but I'm definitely not any sort of tone expert.  Thanks for posting this!

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