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new(?) issue


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i just tried to load the newest beta, disabled my a/v software out of habit, but when i start cfsm, it gets to "loaded settings file" and freezes.  after a while then i get the "not responding" message and i have to kill it to get out.  running win7.    


this showed up when i tried to upgrade to latest/greatest because i had found my old version had a couple glitches.  before i submitted them i thought i would try to catch back up with the real world, but i'm not quite there yet. 


any suggestions?

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i have saved the cfsm on a specific drive, and i moved that folder (the one with my older version), but i didn't delete it.  I'll give that a try and reload the new version to make everything as clean and fresh as i can.  my norton just picked a trojan.gen from customforgesongmanager.exe, even though i have it set to exclude.  i'll make sure my a/v is offline while i'm doing this also in case the exclusion isn't working for some reason.    thanks for the suggestion

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interesting...  i deleted all instances of the old cfsm that i could locate, did a fresh download of the file with my norton a/v turned off, only to get a red download flash saying that a virus or malware was present.  i opted to continue, but with the same results. cfsm starts, and as the log file populates it hangs up at settings file.   i think i will go back to the older release and see what i can do with that. 

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latest update.  again, i cleared out anything cfsm i could find.  i downloaded the release with the a/v off and didn't have any issues there.  started cfsm and again it hangs at the saved settings loaded.    could there be a file or something i'm not seeing and end up missing?

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