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Hey Guys, so I just downloaded "Fade To Black" by Metallica. It's an amazing song but there is one problem. I'm a little confused about the song's tuning. Is it E Standard or something else? I played with E standard and it sounded very bad. 

Any help? Thanks in advance!

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@@iliasth Fade to Black is slightly flat iirc so it's in E std but not with the A set to 440 but something lower (432 or something iirc) so playing it in E std will sound sharp compare to the recording while playing it in Eb std will be way too low to sound good too.

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There is a little program that I recommend to use. It allows you to drag your .wav file of your song, and it will tell you the exact tuning frequency, and apply that to the tuning pitch on the toolkit. Here is the program: https://licensing.zplane.de/technology#tonart

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