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Survey Results & Q&A

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Q: The forum theme is too dark.

A: We do have an alternative theme available. Go to the bottom of the website and select "Change Theme"


Q: When do you plan on introducing a rating system.

A: The new IgnitionFUSE has a feature similar to a rating system, but instead will rely on "liking" CDLC. If there is an issue with CDLC it will be reported to the author, and eventually moderators to take down.


Q: When is the forum upgrade

A: The forum upgrade is in progress. We're actually working on redoing the auth system for our forums so when we complete this the forums will be upgraded.


Q: When will IgnitionFUSE be released?

A: After the forums are upgraded we plan on beta testing ignitionfuse to the public once the new forums and auth system is complete.


Q: Where do I go when the site is down?

A: We announce downtime to everyone on Facebook & Twitter


Q: Better tutorials and guides.

A: This is a highly requested feature that is high on our priority list. We plan on doing something about this soon.


Q: I want to donate with my Credit Card without a paypal account.

A: This is already possible, you don't need to. 


Q: I want guitar tabs of my rocksmith songs

A: Download the rocksmith toolkit, this is already possible.


Q: IE and Edge (or my other browser) doesn't work

A: This is the auth fix we're working on. It will also be officially fixed in IgnitionFUSE


Q: Thanks System

A: This will be included in our like system, we will improve it upon feedback.


Q: CDLC Updating

A: This is a feature I actually planned several months ago, but is not possible at the moment. With the new ignitionFUSE we will enable it! 


Q: Please use something other than paypal

A: We would need a popular suggestion that other people would donate to as well.


Q: I want to block bands I don't like and not have them listed in ignition.

A: I actually haven't seen this yet and will pass this along!


Q: Please do not remove the group forums feature

A: From what I have found, there is a new version for IP Board 4. We will see if we can get it to work.


Q: A mobile interface for ignition

A: There already is one, and we use a "save for later" feature so you can download the songs you want when you are home


Q: Quality Checks

A: We're still looking into how to enable this, we would need to wait for fuse to come out.


Q: Most songs are on PC. Where's my song for "X" platform?

A: Download the toolkit and you can convert it!


Q: CDLC Packs

A: This is not a supported feature and we do not plan on doing this.


Q: Pay for CDLC

A: This is not allowed. You can pay for guitar pro tabs, but not CDLC. This is strictly forbidden.


Q: Already downloaded page for ignition

A: This is your collection: http://ignition.cust...arch/collection


Q: A way to report broken/bad CDLC

A: All CDLC records have a report button.


Q: Host files on CF Servers

A: We do not plan on doing this for several reasons.


Q: How do I report a song or a user?

A: When on ignition select "go to record page", you'll see a "report" button.

Additionally you can go to any post and report it. Please use this if you find broken CDLC, links, etc.


Q: I can't login to ignition! 

A: You have the login bug, please check this page: http://customsforge....ge/support.html


Q: I need support!

A: We have a dedicated support page for CustomsForge: http://customsforge....ge/support.html


Q: My songs are going to 100%

A: You have the mastery bug. Please download our CustomsForge Song Manager and run the repair tool.



Social Media:




Do you play Rocksmith at parties, events, or coop with a friend?

26% - Yes

74% - No


Do you currently have more CDLC than DLC?

64.8% - Yes

22.3% - No

12.9% - Maybe


Do you still purchase DLC?

80.1% - Yes

19.9% - No


How many rocksmith cables have you purchased?

58% - 1

36.9% - 2-3

3.5% - 3-4

1.5% - 5+


Do you currently use Rocksmith Toolkit?

38.7% - Yes

61.3% - No


Do you currently use CustomsForge Song Manager?

36.3% - Yes

63.7% - No


Do you currently use Editor On Fire?

16.9% - Yes

83.1% - No


Have you had any issues with Ignition?

33.4% - Yes

66.6% - No


What browser do you currently use to access Ignition?

63.7% - Chrome

23.4% - Firefox





Other (2%)


Are you interested in a forum upgrade that will add tons of new features, better security, more browser compatibility but will remove old features such as groups?

75.1% - Yes

24.9% - No


We are currently rewriting the authentication system between IP Board and Ignition. Would you be okay with Ignition being down for multiple days while we implemented a fix that could resolve all future login issues?

93.2% - Yes

6.8% - No


Would you help contribute, or view a wiki if we had one?

74.9% - Yes

25.1% - No


Do you own a CustomsForge shirt, or plan to own one in the future?

46.6% - Maybe

46.4% - No

7% - Yes


Have you donated to CustomsForge before?

18.7% - Yes

81.3% - No


What platform do you play on?

96.4% - Steam

6.7 % - Mac

4.9% - Xbox One

6.4% - PS4

7.8% - Xbox 360

8.4% - PS3


Do you use cdlc on a platform other than pc

6.6% - Yes

93.4% - No


Do you stream Rocksmith?

14.3% - Yes

85.7% - No


Do you visit TheRiffRepeater?

62.5% - Yes

37.5% - No


How important do you consider the news about official releases? (1 out of 5, 5 being important)

8.4% - 121 - 1

10.8% - 155 - 2

27.7% - 399 - 3

28.1% - 405 - 4

25.1% - 361 - 5


How likely is it that you buy DLC that is currently custom content?

14.8% - 213 - 1

10.8% - 156 - 2

25.3% - 364 - 3

22.4% - 323 - 4

26.7% - 385 - 5


Do you actually look at anything on the site other than the CDLC search and download pages

58.4% - Yes

41.6% - No


How often do you use CF?

20.3% - Daily

17.6% - Once a week

17.2% - Once a month

15.9% - Once every other day

14.8% - Twice a week

14.2% - Once every other week


How likely would you recommend us to a friend? (1-5)

79.1% - 5 (1,140)

15.1% - 4

4.6% - 3

0.6% - 2

0.6% - 1


Do you know how to make CDLC?

26.1% - Yes

73.9% - No


Do you know how to fix CDLC?

22.1% - Yes

77.9% - No


Do you know how to report a user?

39.3% - Yes

60.7% - No


Do you know how to convert / fix pc files for your platform.

37.1% - Yes

49.3% - No

13.7% - NA


Have you disabled your adblockers for this site?

48.1% - Yes

51.9% - No


Are you looking forward to the future of CustomsForge?

96.9% - Yes

3.1% - No


Are you following us on Twitter?

9% - Yes

91% - No


Are you following us on Facebook?

18.2% - Yes

81.8% - No


Thank you everyone for your feedback. We're looking forward to the future. We have added several new moderators, c# programmers, and laraval/php developers. We plan on publishing an update soon.

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