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Anyone formed a band after learning with RS?


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I've been playing RS for roughly 2,5 years now, and I've reached a level on guitar and bass I couldn't ever had even dreamed of before, and while I haven't been getting too much into soloing I'm doing pretty good with rhythm and bass. I still play RS pretty much on a daily basis, and while I try to push myself to play faster (as I'm a metalhead as well), I'm more into slow-er symphonic/gothic metal.


Anyway to get away from the drunken rambling, I wanted to know if anyone here has "graduated" from RS to actually being in a band? Personally I feel like I'm kinda running in place and having a band would force me to really practice stuff instead of just playing the same things that I'm already good with, but the problem is that due to my lifestyle I keep on moving every few months so it's kinda hard to even think of having a band intact.


So, any "success stories" I could use as inspiration?

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Hi...I just saw this post, but here is my story:


7 years ago, I had like 15 guitar lessons. Loved it! Although the lessons were helpful for the basics, I really start learning songs from RS1. At one point I mastered a couple of songs and talked about it with a friend who was drummer. He knew a guy who can sing, so a little band was born...

But...we missed a bass player. So I bought a bass guitar and learn myself playing bass with RS1. But then we missed a guitar player. We knew a guy who could play a little. So he was introduced in the band. We played for a few months, but in the end the guitar player was not good enough. And with that the band ended...


For me it just started, I wanted a new band and looked for some applications on the internet. I played RS like every day and learned a lot, also watching youtube lessons etc. 

Without any bass guitar lessons, I joined a band. It was a high level band, so I was the least experienced guy. I learned a lot of being in a band. Counting, timing, listening to other members, improvising. Using RS and being in a band was for me the best combination to learn proper bass and making music. 


Unfortunately the band broke up, before we had any gigs. And having a gig was for me the ultimate goal!

Searching for another band...Last year I joined my current band. Within a few months we had our first gig (covers only), and my first gig ever! It was awesome to play for an audience! I am sure I couldn't manage without using RS. We had several gigs (up to 350+ persons), and some gigs are planned. 


Being in a band will force you to play the same song over and over again. To really master it and remember it playing live is difficult. Sometimes you want to play another song, but you cant, cause you have a rehearsal with the band the next day. But it really pays off...Making music is awesome! RockSmith is awesome!


Feel free to ask any questions...

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