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How to create CDLCs on Mac


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How to create CDLCs on Mac


Programs needed:





EOF(If your on Sierra or lower): 



If your on High Sierra, the above link is not compatible with High Sierra.

Download the Windows port here(Latest version 1.8RC12, hotfix(6-7-2018): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cvADSWAeNZUu3-HB6aIZNA1ZHU8a1gWP


Optional programs:


Audacity(If you want to convert mp3 to ogg, make your own preview audio files, or if you want to change around your audio file, I would use Audacity).

Download Audacity: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/


CFSM(CustomsForge Song Manager): http://ignition.customsforge.com/cfsm


UltraStarCreator(If you want to have lyrics in your CDLC): https://sourceforge.net/projects/usc/files/latest/download



Now, you got all your programs you needed. Now look up on the forums or watch videos on YouTube on how to make the actual songs. I will not be adding my own tutorial, since there are plenty of tutorials out there for that matter.


Once you got your CDLC all finished up, go ahead and save your work. As for Wwise conversions, I would go right ahead and converting you ogg to wem before I chart my songs, and after I make edits to the audio in Audacity, but everyone else's method is different.


Wwise is already built in the RSToolkit, so no need to download anything. Just go to OGG to WEM section, browse for you guitar.ogg, and let it convert. Might wanna restart the toolkit if you want to convert your preview.ogg to wem as well. To save space in your song folder, delete any extra audio files thats created by toolkit, and stick to just guitar.wem and/or preview.wem


Heres my configuration settings. Yours maybe little different than mine, so be aware.





Make sure your Platform is set to "Mac", and on the Converter tab, make sure the "Source Platform" is set to "PC" and "Target Platform" to "Mac", if you want to convert "p.psarc", to "m.psarc".


To make a m.psarc, import your arrangements, tones, wem file, album artwork, and always make sure your Platform is set to "Mac".




Hit Generate, save your psarc in your song folder or wherever, then it should generate a Mac psarc. Put the psarc in your dlc folder and, voila!




Now if you want generate PC, Xbox360 versions, just simply hit the "PC", and "Xbox360" tabs and generate them. PS3 is not supported because it requires Java, and your going to have to create Wine port of Java to get this to work, but I suggest to not do it. If you really want to, send you psarc to someone and have them convert it for you.


That's it! Feel free to ask questions!

Cheers, I)ark_Seph  ;) 

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