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cdlc to ascii tab creates a lot of dead space

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The txt file has a lot of dead space in it, far between the rows, and the notes are very far apart. Take Gary Moore - The Loner, 3 notes on the first row, then its another 3 on the next one. And it makes it a terrible pain to try to watch it on a phone for example, play 3 notes, then swipe down to see the next row of 3 notes. I don't have a printer, but i think it would be just as annoying to print a song that takes up 10 pages, with 75% of it being empty space.


I have the ultimate guitar tabs app, but they are often different to the cdlc, and i don't want to play the same song in 2 different ways.  The tabs on that app are much easier to read on the phone though.


Any chance of a change to this?

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