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1 Minute Changes CDLC?



I know there is a form to make requests but this one is a bit different.  I am wondering if someone would be kind enough to make a simple CDLC to help me with Justin Guitar's 1 Minute Changes.  It would be great to practice these using the Riff Repeater so you can monitor & adjust your speed. 


So a CDLC with basic chords, where you can practice switching between them for 1 minute each and be able to speed it up as you progress.  Justin has it set up in a few stages;


  • Stage 1 - Chords A, D, E (D to A, D to E, & A to E)
  • Stage 2 - Chords Am, Em, Dm (Dm to Am, Dm to Em, & Am to Em)
  • Stage 3 - Chords G & C (G to C)

There are more stages but we could start with these 3. Maybe the way to do it would be to have 3 Different CDLCs, each at a slow tempo to start, where you can use riff repeater to practice each "1 Minute Change" and speed them up as necessary. 


It would be great for practicing chords and help with the timing instead of counting. If it is possible and not too difficult it would be greatly appreciated if someone would be willing to make these! 


Thx in advance

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Can I suggest a piece of paper for something so basic (it's what I used)..  ;)
As I was simply trying to fit as many changes as I could into a minute, I thought Rocksmith would be far too restrictive and simply would have got in the way of me doing your changes (I was thinking about it, briefly, back for Rocksmith 1)..

Scales are maybe a different matter - but these are built into the games in Rocksmith arcade (they're very useful actually).


Horses for courses and all that, but is this not a bit overkill for just 1 minute changes?

IMHO, you'll learn your basic chords better by NOT using Rocksmith.. :)



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I actually just made a cdlc for this. It goes up to stage 6 with the F barre chord. But I'm having an issue with the phrases. The whole song is about a half an hour long (30-1 minute changes), but there seems to be extra phrases every 15 seconds, making it a pain to cycle through in riff repeater. Does anyone know how to get rid of those? I'd be happy to post it once that's fixed.

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@@scizor_kick the toolkit can automatically add DD when you generate the toolkit if it's set in the option which will explain why there's shorter phrase/section that are created by DDC.

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