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  1. @@firekorn is there a way to turn off that function? in the configuration menu i unchecked "auto generate ddc", but it didn't seem to fix it.
  2. I made the sections after every minute in editor on fire, and also checked the "also add RS phrase" button. when i put everything together in the rs toolkit, i only used the creator tab, i didn't mess with DDC. but the track seems to have dd anyway.
  3. I actually just made a cdlc for this. It goes up to stage 6 with the F barre chord. But I'm having an issue with the phrases. The whole song is about a half an hour long (30-1 minute changes), but there seems to be extra phrases every 15 seconds, making it a pain to cycle through in riff repeater. Does anyone know how to get rid of those? I'd be happy to post it once that's fixed.
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