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My suggestions refer to the last used beta version which is now



1. The option to disable/enable single tracks should be is now available in the RMB menu


2. The play/stop option should also be is now in the RMB menu

Occasionly, when a song is played, triggering "Play ..." on a second song pauses the first song
Triggering again, continues the first song.


A progressing bar in the RMB menu to play the song of the current position

somewhere in the progressing bar would be ingenious  ;)


3. After sorting, the current song gets shifted to another row, often out of sight

    current position is now moved to that row.


4. After "Repairs", the auto-Rescan resets filters, sorts, and current position.

The files just selected to be repaired are complete lost out of sight, which is not intuitive


5. After repair of a single track, with filter "Enabled" on "yes"

the auto rescan restarts single scan for all disabled songs,

and displays the list without filter, and losing last current position .

A minute waiting after a repair ..., re-filter, re-locate. 

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  • Developer

So we apparently happened to competely ignore this thread, I'm sorry. 

Anyway, the first 3 issues should be fixed in the latest beta, but I'll have to take a better look at the last 2 tommorow, because the way repairs are implemented ATM makes it slighty akward to update those songs without doing a normal rescan... :)

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no problem, freebirds are used to being ignored  :D

I just want to keep my experience of issues isolated so its easier for me to update when they have become obsolete.

Great job so far I must say. :)

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Some erroneous test results : on a same custom (of 3.000 customs)


Action : Song Editor change sort name (No Filter active)
Result : random 
rescan all (225 s)
                or rescan disabled cdlc (966 s) (most often, most annoying ;) )
                or rescan quick (1 s), current position, sort lost
                or rescan quick (1 s), current position, sort maintained
Action : Song Enabled "No"
Action : Sort on different column
Result : Unhandled Exception
Action : Song Editor change sort name (on disabled song)
Result : Unhandled Exception
             renames a p.disabled.psarc to p.disabled.p.psarc (which re-enables and duplicates the song)
Action : Filter enabled "Yes"
Result : Current position lost, sort maintained
Action : Repair - dd / 100% 
Result : correct (no full rescan, filter, sort, current position maintained)
Action : Song disabled  after repair
Result :  "NO" in Filter Enabled not shown
                direct complete slow auto-rescan, 307s
                filter,current position lost
                sort maintained (but triangle in Header gone)
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  • Developer

Okay, since I don't want to be appear rude by taking even longer to answer, I suppose that I could give you a little update on this..

So, I took a little look at this and what I gathered is:


- the issue with the pausing is now fixed


- I can't consistently replicate issue with Song Editor/edit sort name, because sometimes it appears on enabled songs, too, and sometimes it doesn't appear at all - but generally, it seems that album art that CFSM tries to use (which is usually properly extracted), seems to be deleted in the middle of the editing process... but I'm still trying to figure out why and when 


- about enabling filter... well, I won't promise that I'll implement this one, the custom control we use for DGV makes this all kinda akward, but I'll try


-song editor/change name: well, that's weird, because it seems that cozy specificially implemented a new way of rescanning to prevent that from happening, hmm


-also, a full rescan after a song is repaired and disabled should definietly not happen :o

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About the Tuning column.


Why does it seem to be based on Bass arrangement?

It regularly gives funny results :

Slipknot - Before I forget : in Open A  :lol:


I would like a settings option to choose Lead, Rhythm or Bass to see as Tuning.

Ok, 90% will eventually choose "Bass", but please consider us minority of "Lead"ers :lol:


And not see 

Db Drop B

discriminated as "other" ^_^

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