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XBox360 CDLC Simple Question

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Hi there. I tried using the search feature on this forum and it comes up with almost nothing for XBox. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere.

Simple question for using CDLC on XBox360: do I have to do a hardware mod to my console or do I simply have to copy the XBox version files to the directory referenced in the tutorial? The statement "you must jailbreak your console" concerns me since I don't know what that means.


I know how to put files on an XBox360 memory stick and have done so for Rock Band 3 customs, so if that is all that's required then I'm good to go. If a console hardware mod is required then I'll pass.



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From what I see, hacking the Xbox 360 requires hardware modding. Unless you're an electronics expert, it will get expensive to pursue that option compared to the PC version of Rocksmith. There's your answer. It's up to you if you want to accept it.

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