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Error Loading Song

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So I wasn't paying attention today, and I turned off my computer with a project open, right after I JUST saved it. When I turned my computer back on, I opened up EoF, and opened up the EoF file, which then gave me the normal 'Would you like to open your last saved undo state of this crashed project?' or however it is worded. When it asked me where I wanted to save it or, open the mp3 file that it asked for, I was paying attention and I closed out the dialogue box. I tried opening the project again, and a dialogue box pops up saying 'Error Loading Song' and then it bring me back to the start up screen for EoF. Any help here?

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Use the normal File>Load function to open it, but by default, that function doesn't display files that don't have an extension of "eof". You can do various things such as:

1. Type something like *.* or *.undo in the file name field of the "load song" dialog and hit enter (or click Open) and it will change which files are displayed.

2. Manually type in the name of the undo file when the dialog has browsed to EOF's temp folder and hit enter or click Open.

3. Rename the undo file to end in a .eof extension and then it should be displayed in the load song dialog.


After opening an undo state, you'll want to manually "save as" to ensure the project is saved into the correct location.

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