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Timmy & The Lords of the Underworld (South Park)


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I released my initial version of this song, there was already a version of it on the database but it was very incomplete so I gave a shot at making it, however I'm really bad finding stuff by ear, my version was based on a custom pro guitar upgrade that was made for RB3, but as some of you know, Rock Band doesn't support techniques and stuff.


If anyone is interested at helping me making it as accurate as possible, I have made a GP5 file with the data that I have on it, and I also have the guitar stem (isolated track) if that can help you make it more accurate.


The version uploaded is perfectly playable, but I feel it's missing some bends and techniques, which I cannot identify with my bad musical ears. It's also missing the ending, which was a "Big Rock Ending" on Rock Band (a place where you can play freely) and therefore wasn't tabbed. I also need a tone, and possibly a bass part (I also have isolated track for that as well).


If you want to help me polish this thing, grab it on the database (just search for "Alternity" you'll find it easily), you can also ask for the stems and/or the GP5 file if you can work with that. For people that are more "ear" musicians I can work with screenshots and drawings on it (for slides, as an example), it's not a problem, no need to have knowledge on how to author/chart customs :).


If this can help you identifying the bar (measure) where you find errors, I have uploaded the GP5 file on Songsterr, which has the same structure as the custom song, and also the GP file I use for it, in case you don't have access to Guitar Pro, this makes things easier for me and you. Here is the link: http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/south-park-timmy-and-the-lords-of-u-world-drum-tab-s18709t1


Thanks for any help I may get in the future!

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Feedback is always appreciated! :)

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