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Priorities: Area 11 and LiSA
I don't necessarily take requests, but if you have content (e.g. tabs) that fall under my umbrella, they'll be valuable contributions, and may very well end up as customs anyway if they catch my eye.

Feel free to request any tabs or assets to help me out or lay claim to customs for yourself.


Please post playthrough videos here as well.


On my plate currently:

  • LiSA - Mr. Launcher
  • LiSA - Hands and Smile
  • Be'lakor Husks
  • MintJam - Philosophyz

Disclaimer that even songs that make it to this list are not immune to me bailing out of them (potentially)


Needs improvement:

  • add bass to Say my Name
  • add bass to Room No. 7
  • sweep section of alone (BAND-MAID)? Please contribute if you think there's a better way to tab it!
  • PLEASE SOMEONE TRY TO SYNC STANDARD BETTER THAN ME (I'll give you my assets - tab, notes.eof, tones, etc...)

Tabs I'm in possession of:

  • Collective Soul - Dig
  • Collective Soul - Vent
  • Extreme - Get the Funk Out
  • G.O.D. (Guitarists on Demand) various works
  • Green Day - Dirty Rotten Bastards
  • Jin - Children Record
  • Jin - Lost Time Memory
  • Takayoshi Ohmura - Distant Thunder
  • Takayoshi Ohmura - Every Time
  • SCANDAL - Hachigatsu
  • SCANDAL - Kill the Virgin
  • SCANDAL - Koe
  • U2 - All I Want is You
  • U2 - Rejoice
  • U2 - Volcano

(plus tabs of customs that exist already, and a bunch of LiSA songs) All of the above have full guitar tracks. Below are those that are 1 - bass/vocal tabs and or 2 -  have incomplete or flawed guitar tracks.

  • Jin - Yobanashi Deceive ft. LiSA and MARiA
  • LiSA - Empty Mermaid
  • LiSA - Kakusei ya
  • LiSA - Namida Ryuuseigun
  • LiSA - No More Time Machine
  • LiSA - Shiroi Toiki
  • LiSA - Wild Candy
  • LiSA - Winding Road

(varying degrees of legitimacy; some might as well not count, but this list might be an indicator of future work)
My Works:
Area 11



  • Whitebird (solo)



  • Growing Up



Other Creators
Shiroo /// a.k.a my savior for doing Muse and Babymetal customs like it's his job
earth2mars /// everything
KuRZuS /// SCANDAL, vocaloids, BAND-MAID
HiruKitagawa /// Girls Dead Monster (ft. LiSA)

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