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Proper procedure, Editing, Correcting etc



My First post. All if I am in the wrong section please forgive me, Relocate or delete post I will understand.   The site is great!  I have downloaded several from the site. There are a couple that I would like change. I will research on my own on how to do this. The Changes are simple like where a guitar phrase is played on the neck. Or in longer solos in a  current CDLC for riff repeater does not always break it down into in short enough sections.  So


1. Is it permissible to edit someone eases CLDC?

2. Should I contact the Original creator before do anything?

3. If number 1 is ok should I just keep the new one just on my PC?

4. Should I upload it under my own name and in comments refer to the original creator.



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I think that the proper etiquette should be to ask the original charter if you can alter or collaborate if you're thinking of editing someone else's chart that they've spent ages working on.  Otherwise you should make one from scratch yourself.   I'd definitely give the original charter credit.


I've helped a few people with their charts and have offered to alter or fix something and I rarely have anyone say no.  Then I send it back and they release a new version.  I don't mind that I spend time on something for it to be released by somebody else - I just like to see a quality product released so that the community can benefit from having it out there.

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