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Scale the Summit (and Chris Letchford) Discography

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Since the topic by @@TheBestAlex was discontinued and we've had a lot of additions, I figured I should make something to better organize what songs are available, and also what songs you can play with what instruments, since their songs are all played on extended range instruments.


All tracks are playable with a 7-string guitar and a 6-string bass, though many are playable with 6-string guitars, and 5-string or even 4-string basses.


Carving Desert Canyons (2009)

1. Bloom LRB, all paths available in Eb, bass also available for 5-string

2. Sargasso Sea

3. The Great Plains

4. Dunes

5. Age of the Tide LRB

6. Glacial Planet

7. City in the Sky

8. Giants


The Collective (2011)

1. Colossal LRB (all paths in B tuning)

2. Whales B

3. Emersion LRB

4. The Levitated LB

5. Secret Earth

6. Gallows LRB

7. Origin of Species LRB

8. Alpenglow LRB

9. Black Hills B

10. Balkan LRB

11. Drifting Figures LRB

B-side: Redwoods LRB


The Migration (2013)

1. Odyssey LRB

2. Atlas Novus LRB

3. The Olive Tree LRB

4. Narrow Salient B

5. Oracle LRB

6. Evergreen B

7. The Dark Horse LRB

8. Willow B

9. Sabrosa

10. The Traveler B


V (2015)

1. The Winged Bull B

2. Soria Moria B

3. Pontus Euxinus B

4. Trapped in Ice LRB

5. Stolas LRB

6. The Isle of Mull LRB

7. Kestrel LRB

8. Oort Cloud B

9. Blue Sun LRB

10. The Golden Bird LRB


Lightbox (2014), Chris Letchford's side project which includes Mark Michell on bass for many tracks)

1. The Star Boys B, both 5-string and 4-string versions

2. Earthen

3. Sign of Four

4. Zodiac B, both 5-string and 4-string versions

5. Rayless

6. In Force

7. Piedra Falls

8. Pearl

9. Ghost Orchid

10. The Gentlemen B, both 5-string and 4-string versions


In progress (more or less in order from most complete to least, but all of which I'm confident will be finished eventually):

Secret Earth - 6-string bass, B guitars

Oort Cloud update - E guitars (and maybe B also?). Will probably be last song from V I'll do guitars for.

Narrow Salient- Lead drop D and/or B, rhythm B

The Traveler guitars? Probably both in E, but some parts may be awkward

City in the Sky - guitars only (tab I could find doesn't have bass), both in E.


Playable with 4-string bass:


Origin of Species


Atlas Novus

The Olive Tree

The Dark Horse

Trapped in Ice


The Isle of Mull

The Golden Bird

The Star Boys


The Gentlemen


Playable with 5-string bass:

In addition to the ones playable on 4-string,


The Levitated


Black Hills



Soria Moria

The Winged Bull


6-string guitar arrangements (in chronological order of the band's release. All others are playable with drop pedals or 7-string guitar except The Levitated which requires a 7-string):

Bloom lead and rhythm

Age of the Tide lead and rhythm

Emersion lead

Origin of Species lead and rhythm

Alpenglow lead and rhythm

Balkan lead

Drifting Figures lead and rhythm

Redwoods lead and rhythm

Odyssey lead

Atlas Novus lead and rhythm

The Olive Tree lead and rhythm

Oracle lead

The Dark Horse lead

Trapped in Ice lead

Stolas lead

The Isle of Mull lead

Kestrel lead and rhythm

Blue Sun lead and rhythm

The Golden Bird lead


I think that should be a good start. Probably will add more later.

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I've updated the main post with some of the more recent updates to songs.


Do you think there's anything else that would be helpful? Perhaps which songs have certain techniques (slap bass, bass chords, bass tapping, bass arpeggios mixing fretted notes and harmonics, linear tapping, arpeggio tapping, ...), in order from easiest to hardest?


And I guess there's also room for aesthetic improvements with album covers and such if people want that.

My CDLC releases and my workshop 
My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
Join us at the Rocksmith Championship!

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  • 2 months later...

Added two more songs (Colossal, Age of the Tide), and did a big update to another (The Isle of Mull, which now has guitars and a 4-string bass arrangement). Hope you like them! I'm getting toward the end of the songs I can do anything with.


I also recently posted a couple of songs from Pomegranate Tiger, a band which may be of interest to fans of Scale the Summit.

My CDLC releases and my workshop 
My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
Join us at the Rocksmith Championship!

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