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Hello Guys, I have problem in RS2014 with change tone in my cdlc custom song.In EoF I include on time line effects acoustic start in 00:27 , distortion start in 00:43 , again acoustic start in 01:19 and distortion start in 1:36 - to the end. After save file ...EoF make 2 files on my Rhythm guitar  PART REAL_GUITAR_22 and PART REAL_GUITAR_22_R2 . PART REAL_GUITAR_22_R2 Is File why not have added info about change tone in song .  PART REAL_GUITAR_22  have added info about change tone in my song.
When i  Create /arrangements/ Guitar- Rhythm /Drop D/ with guitar effects distortion and acoustic and add Song XML File: PART REAL_GUITAR_22_R2 , I Click To Generate , Toolkit create file  _p.psarc why save without problem, but when i go play this song on RS , dont change tone.
 When i  Create /arrangements/ Guitar - Rhythm /Drop D/ with guitar effects distortion and acoustic and add Song XML File: PART REAL_GUITAR_22 , I Click To Generate .....Toolkit dont save/create file  _p.psarc, but Toolkit write error .
What is problem please? I use effects with the same name including in EoF and Toolkit / "acoustic" and "distortion" / .I have new version Toolkit .

Song is Three Days Grace - Operate
This is my Song files from EoF and Wwise :


Files:    http://img.webme.com/pic/g/greathits/making%20songj.bmp

Error:    http://img.webme.com/pic/g/greathits/errorrr.bmp



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You haven't defined a default tone. This is one of the warnings EOF is giving you when you save your project. You can set the default tone (the one that is in effect automatically at the beginning of the song) by opening "Track>Rocksmith>Tone change>Names" selecting one of the tones and clicking the "Default" button. You have notes before the first tone change though, so without hearing the song I'm assuming you want to either pick the "distortion" tone as the default or define the use of a third tone.

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