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Getting CDLC on PS4?


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We are getting closer, you can access the files on the ps4 now so maybe you could try it and let us know, I unfortunately do not have a PS4 yet. The software is called PS4FileNinja it is a tool that lets you browse the content (File system, and memory) of your PS4 from a PC. This is only compatible with firmware 1.76 and firmware 1.70, the only known firmwares with an operational kernel exploit at the moment.

According to the author, Version 2 brings the ability to attach to processes and dump or analyze process memory.
To use PS4FileNinja (from the author):
1) Start code execution in PS4 playground.
2) In PS4FileNinja select FW, insert PS4 IP and click on “Send payload”.
3) If the payload was sent successfully, click on “Connect to ps4“.
You can download PS4FileNinja on playstationhax here. Again, you’ll need a PS4 1.76 in order to run this.
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yes ps4 5.05 (march '18; e.g. any ps4pro bundle; latest is 5.5x) is vulnerable.

if anyone is still on this version and has some bought DLCs please share the template file to understand the format.

song.psarc on the disc is 99.9% same as the PC version

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@@catara unfortunately I think the only way you're going to get PS4 DLC files is through illicit resources that I wont name or link to here out of respect for our no piracy rule. If you want to take the risk on it though, it shouldn't be too hard to find on Google. Just don't expect our support in doing it or that we won't enforce the piracy rule. If you're still interested in it, it is thoroughly a "do at your own risk" type thing.

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1. i answered a question

2. i asked for people's own dlc (to be shared by direct message/mail/etc), and if this (asking, or asking for a file bought on the ubi store) is against the rules i apologise 

2.1 again my intent was not get...but to understand the PS4 format...i.e. type of file encryption, psarc compression at packaging as i see minimal differences on json/xml level in the song.psarc file on the PS4 gamedisc

2.2 surely i would have used that info to pack my own songs, for my own use with my open source app/branch that uses the toolkit open source code in which i've invested easily 10'000h...

3. if those ODLCs would have been easy to find prb the toolkit guys would have decoded already the format and added a new conversion option for CDLCs

srry for being over-explanatory, just wanna clarify my intention... and if breaking rules set unilaterally by the moderators... all good with me..please remove my comments...it's their website

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