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Metal keyboard course?


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There are tons and tons of great courses to learn play heavy metal guitar, but I have not seen a single one that would learn you to play heavy metal keyboard. Could anybody recommend any great online courses to learn heavy metal keyboards? Unfortunately, the only thing I found so far are some sparse tutorials on how to play some single songs on youtube and that is just pathetic....


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I believe he's talking about keyboard usage included in heavy metal music, and yes before you ask questions there are lots of songs that have keyboards used in heavy metal music. Savatage's Edge of Thorns is one that is on top of my mind that uses a keyboard for the intro, I believe the same thing happens in Mr. Tinkertrain by Ozz too.

Generally keyboards are keyboards, I know how to play them a tiny bit and you do certain things such as pressing major chords and they make various sounds. They're not like guitar where you have things like shredding included for metal music.

The reason you can't find that is because key-based instruments are most associated with not even rock music but classical music...

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