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Note syncing


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I'm having a hard time with a particular song (BLS-Bleed for Me), I cropped all the useless 30 seconds of guitar doodle at the beginning of the song, I then was able to drag the notes in sync with the first riff, the song has a brief pause, and then the notes fall out by a titch afterwards. When I try to drag the notes to fall in sync with each other, the previous notes that I just got to fall in sync drag with it..how do I select the notes I want to drag while leaving the previous ones in place? Or do I have to edit the tabs themselves?

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The best way to go is to move beat markers instead of directly moving notes themselves. This is called "beat syncing", and ensures that the notes' timing remains structured and orderly, which musical compositions generally are. Check out some of the tutorials on the forum about syncing the chart and it should make more sense.

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