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The Warning (1984)


  1. "Warning"  
  2. "En Force"  

  3. "Deliverance"  

  4. "No Sanctuary"

  5. "N M 156"

  6. "Take Hold of the Flame"  

  7. "Before the Storm"

  8. "Child of Fire" 

  9. "Roads to Madness"

Rage for Order


  1. "Walk in the Shadows"

  2. "I Dream in Infrared"

  3. "The Whisper"

  4. "Gonna Get Close to You"

  5. "The Killing Words"

  6. "Surgical Strike"

  7. "Neue Regel"

  8. "Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)"

  9. "London"

  10. "Screaming in Digital"

  11. "I Will Remember"  

Operation: Mindcrime (1988)



1. "I Remember Now" 

5. "Speak"

6. "Spreading the Disease"

7. "The Mission"

8. "Suite Sister Mary"

9. "The Needle Lies"

10. "Electric Requiem"

14. "My Empty Room"



Empire (1990)


  1. "Best I Can"

  2. "The Thin Line"

  3. "Jet City Woman"

  4. "Della Brown"

  5. "Another Rainy Night (Without You)"

  6. "Empire"

  7. "Resistance"

  8. "Silent Lucidity"

  9. "Hand on Heart"

  10. "One and Only"

  11. "Anybody Listening?" 


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