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Need help testing/fixing CDLC

Apel Sos

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I recently got into CDLC making and I have a few problems.


I've successfully created a CDLC using the song Into Your Arms by The Maine but there's a problem, or two.


1: The guitar and bass are WAY too quiet and I can't change tones while or after playing the song

2: I have no clue how to add tones to specific points or even just the song in general. I've looked around but tutorials on how to make CDLC come up short. ESPECIALLY tutorials with good production quality.

3:I can't seem to find any tutorials on vocals either. No clue. I tried to use the vocals part in EOF, but that seemed more like a RockBand thing than Rocksmith.


Other than these three problems, my CDLC works perfectly fine.

Here's a video I made showing the issue:




Notice how you can't hear the bass or guitar, or just barely. Also, the amps don't respond to either one by producing the wave effect like they usually do. This doesn't happen on any other song.

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1. The "Default" tones in the toolkit don't have an amp or cab defined and break the tone engine. Based on what you're describing, it sounds like you're using the default tones, whether intentionally or not.


2. In EoF, get the green line where you want to set up the tone change (this is usually most easily done by right-clicking on a beat marker). Press Ctrl+Shift+T, then enter the name of the tone you want (this is what you'll have to name the tone in the toolkit). Once you've done this for more than two tones, you'll also have to set a default tone (the tone the game uses when the song begins), which you can do by going to Track -> Rocksmith -> Tone Change -> Names, selecting the one you want to be the default, then pressing default.


Once you do this, you'll then need to put a set of tones (usually most easily acquired from other DLC) with the right names (you can rename them, of course) into the toolkit. When you add the .xml file, it should auto-fill the tones used, and they should match the ones in the toolkit. If the names don't match, it will create a default tone with the right name, which you don't want to happen.


3. Here's a link to a lyrics tutorial. The vocals track in EoF is the right one to use, but the pitches don't matter for Rocksmith since it doesn't detect your singing.

My CDLC releases and my workshop 
My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
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Thank you so much with the help. I feel like I've successfully made CDLC for the first time. And it isn't too bad like some of the CDLC I've played out there.


Edit: Agghh. I've seem to have claimed I fixed it too early. I got the lyrics done. The only problem is I've done what you said with the tones but they still don't produce any sound. The tones switches and I have two or more for each track. They're named differently and I'll pull out a authentic tone in the RSTK and name it to the tone that I made in EOF but it just doesn't work.


Edit 2: I've figured it out! (I knew my classes in IT would pay off! lol) Anyway, I realized how it's supposed to be set up in EOF and RSTK. Thanks a lot for your help! Now I can make my own CDLC. Any song I desire.

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