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Hey guys,


This year I've got something special for you. No christmas themed release but instead a finger warming christmas present for everyone who likes classical music, especially of the Baroque era and master composer Johann Sebastian Bach.


Starting tomorrow, I'll release Bach's inventions for two voices, one each day for 15 days, so that at the end, you'll have a complete set of 15 inventions, even if you'll need way longer to master them, trust me.


Each will be a straight forward arrangement of the two voices for Guitar (Treble Staff) and Bass (Bass Staff) at 65 bpm. Because they were composed as exercises, Bach didn't prescribe a specific tempo and interpretations vary from musician to musician, so I opted for what felt natural to me and isn't so slow that it gets boring or so fast that it becomes too challenging.

The actual arrangements are very true to the original sheet music; in fact, I only had to change a few small sections on the bass part to make them playable in standard tuning. The audio comes directly from GP because I don't have the time to mess with my DAW now.


I'm still not done with all the arrangements and time will be short the next few days but I'll keep working on them in my spare time, so I should manage to stick to my schedule. I won't be having much time for extensive testing but I already have a working setup and since there won't be any changes to my workflow, there won't be much need for testing.


I hope you're looking forward to this as much as me and find some time to enjoy these between all the upcoming festivities.


Merry christmas, everyone, and a happy new year. :D  :gift:


Release list:


Day 1: Invention 1 (in C Major)

Day 2: Invention 2 (in C Minor)

Day 3: Invention 3 (in D Major)

Day 4: Invention 4 (in D Minor)

Day 5: Invention 5 (in Eb Major)

Day 6: Invention 6 (in E Major)

Day 7: Invention 7 (in E Minor)

Day 8: Invention 8 (in F Major)

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Will you do "Toccata and Fugue in Dm"? Because I was already working on it.

No, only the inventions, like it says in the OP. Looking forward to your release though.


It will probably take a while though. I've already restarted the project 5 times. I've had alot of syncing problems, I've tried diferent tracks, then tried to generate a track from GP and use a MIDI generated from the same tab too, but the tempos just wouldn't be right. Now I'm just using the track generated by GP and I'm just syncing the tab a bit at time, trying to figure out the diferent tempos of diferent parts (which none matches what's on the GP file). I've only done 2:30 min. so far. Maybe this is not the place to ask this, but I think you've done some cDLC's in a similar way, have you had any similar problem or do you have any advice?

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@@BX5 If you're syncing to an actual recording, then I'd suggest using "Go Play Along" for the syncing process. I find it very easy to use and you'll find tutorials for that in the forum. If you're using audio (wav file) generated from GP then syncing should be as easy as setting the correct bpm at the correct place directly in EoF. I can't tell you more than that without specifics, so feel free to send me a pm if you have some concrete questions.

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I just realized that the newest toolkit supports the creation of song packs, so I'll release all fifteen inventions in song pack format at the end of Bachmas. Until then, you'll have to get them individually.
Oh, number five is out now. http://www.customrock.net/Forum/images/smilies/icon/wink.gif

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Just wanted to say that it will still take a while to get the rest of the inventions done because I was working on something big over the last two weeks that I'm basically done with now. Though, I have to study for my exams as well, so I can't work on the inventions yet but I'll get them done afterwards.

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