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Can't Open CDLC Files





I am running Rocksmith 2014 under Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.5.  I have tried both the following:


1. copying the _m.psarc files from this site into my dlc folder under the Rocksmith installation

2. converting the _p.psarc files from this site from pc to mac using the Rocksmith Custom Song Creator Toolkit version and then copying the converted file to the Rocksmith installation directory.


In both cases above, the songs appear in the "Learn a Song" section of Rocksmith but the program hangs after I begin the track (after tuning my guitar through the program).


Has anyone had this issue and can point me toward a fix?


Thanks, this is so awesome! 

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Sometimes the pc version files convert, sometimes it crashes on loading the song.

Just today, I couldnt get ANY of my pc converted to mac tracks to work, even ones previously working (with a % mastery) on them would also freeze.

I did update my mac from 10.10.5, I just think perhaps the toolkit i use is crappy. I use version but is that doesnt work, i also try an older one as sometimes the different versions will convert different files.


It is very hit and miss tho, I have 100 working and a folder of 100 'not working' which I occasionally try to re-convert but lose patience.


An interesting trick that often works to 'display' any tracks you are wondering arent visible is....after loading to main menu, exit to title, and reload, essentially loading into the menu twice. This picks up all CDLC in the folder but wont fix freezing tracks.

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Anyone else having this issue?  I got it sorted with this:  http://customsforge.com/topic/4776-video-guide-how-to-use-cdlc-in-rocksmith-2014-pc/


scroll down the stream to the instructions for mac.  I initially screwed up the RSInjector launch which setup RSInjector to read the default song directory from some other location that the Rocksmith installation.  To resolve this, I had to do a "deep" uninstall (Dr. Cleaner took care of this when I drag and dropped it into trash) and then followed the precise (simple) steps in the thread above.


Good luck...

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ANother simple tip if you are having my problem, because I have further reduced the quantity of 'freezing' songs.


Turns out I had nearly 500 CDLC in the folder so I took them all out and just put in what I want to play on that day and 90% of those new ones i mentioned i tried to convert now work.


I am guessing multiple id number clashes or something is to blame.


I'll try to reconvert freezing CDLC with the latest toolkit to see if that works as there are a few of my favourites that i cant get to work, therefore waiting for the author to post a mac version is the  only thing I do in that circumstance. Patience required....



..... well, I am an idiot.

Now I have reduced the quantity of cdlc in the folder (to about 20-60), everything seems to work, even the ones that have never worked. Bonus!

I have 10 folders named by style and just reload the game with a different folder to play them all, dumping the lot in NEVER works.

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