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Does Real Tone Cable for Rocksmith 1 for 360 works on PC?



Well, my Rocksmith cable for PC is broken, and since they won't sell it without the game in my contry, or any website basically, I remembered that my cousin has Rocksmith 1 (2012) on his XBOX 360 with the RT Cable, so I was wondering: Does it work on PC? That way I could just borrow it from him.



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It also works on a mac in RS and in all other apps as a sound input device. Great for plugging in to record a riff so you won't forget it. I do not know whether it works that way on a PC but I can't imagine why not.


I bought my extra cable on Amazon, but it's been a while. It's a bummer if you truly cannot get them anymore.. how do they expect player 2 to join in?

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The cable is just an input recording device as many other interface can be, so yeah you can use it in any audio software/DAW as an input.

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