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CDLC Tone Issue


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I just started to work on my own CDLC, and I ran into an issue with tones. I have the song mapped and the tone changes functioning when I test it in game, but the tones I set up are either incredibly loud, or incoherently quiet, has anyone else had this problem, and if so, is there a fix for it?


Thank you, 


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In addition to coming up with the tone settings, you'll also need to adjust the tone volume levels (as the toolkit says, more negative is louder, for some reason).


I wish I could give you a foolproof method for adjusting tone volumes, but I can't. Depending on the song volume (if the song is louder, the tone volume will need to be louder so you can hear yourself) EQ, effects, and everything, an appropriate volume often ends up anywhere between -20 dB (often with high EQ, distortion, delay or chorus or other volume boosting things. Or some bass tones.) and -35 dB (usually acoustic tones). I tend to like things a bit louder than the official tones, though (on bass they can be nearly inaudible sometimes, even with my cable gain jacked up and active pickups).

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