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Need tips on finger picking

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Good choice! Knowing fingerstyle opens up a world of possibilities. This UG lesson has some useful tips to start out with. As for songs, you could check out Spanish Romance. Start out slowly first, then get the basic plucking pattern down - it's the same throughout the whole piece. Then you could focus on emphasizing the melody (top) notes. After that, you could try Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, which has a more complicated plucking hand work. Good luck!

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I know this topic is long dead, but if it helps anyone, I started putting down my pick when I started playing bass. It forced me to learn little by little to put down the pick and then I started to play finger style when I picked up one of my acoustics, and then realized how useful it could be with my electrics. Not saying I never use a pick with my guitars/basses, but it certainly opens up a new world when you get comfortable with it. It's really just a matter of putting the pick down and learning the instrument all over again.


As a side note; if you're going to learn finger picking, be sure there are finger nail clippers and an emery board/file in the house as it will likely destroy your thumb nail and can destroy the rest of your nails.

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