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A Heartfelt Thanks



To all of you who take the time out of your busy lives to create custom DLC and support this amazing community I thank you.


The work you do enables the average Joe (and Jane) like myself to experience what it's like to play along with some of our favorite bands, jamming our favorite tunes.  Perhaps more importantly, you help us learn an instrument while having a great deal of fun doing so.


Naturally kudos has to go out to the people involved in developing the Rocksmith games and official DLC, but without you folks, the CDLC community, the longevity and motivation to keep at it would wind down so much quicker.


So, from a guy who's only regret in life is that he didn't pick up a bass guitar sooner, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  You continue to give each and every day and I wanted to take the time to let you all know.


Keep jamming!

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I agree with this statement. Having done a couple myself I know the effort and patience required to make high quality CDLC. I take my hat off to those who consistently create and release CDLC for us all to enjoy.


Chapman ML-1, Blackstar HT1


My systems: 

Ragnarok: i5 750 @ 2666MHz | Titan Fenrir | MSI P55-GD65 | 8GiB Vengence 1333MHz CAS 9 | 1GiB 6950 DirectCU II | 60GB Crucial M4 | Samsung F3 500GB | Samsung F3 1TB | Seasonic X-750 | X-Fi XtremeGamer | HAF932 | Win 7 Pro | Arch Linux

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I'm trying to become part of this community as well. I love it so far. I had 14 years of piano and played drums for 15 of that. The past 4 years I've picked up guitar and this community couple with past experiences is incredible. Thanks!

I'm creating cdlc's cool...It may not be easy but slowly I'll get there...Thank you to this great community.



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