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3 AC/DC cdlc's aren't sorted correctly. Can RS Tookit fix this?

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The Gone Shootin', Have a Drink on Me, and Shoot to Thrill cdlc's are labeled incorrectly under the "artist" field, so they don't show up with rest of the AC/DC cdlc.  They show up after it, and after Accept actually too.  


I have never used RS Toolkit other than just running the .exe but never doing anything with it.  I have it in my Game Files folder which is obviously not where RS is installed.  When I run it, it doesn't see any dlc or cdlc at all.  

All I'm looking to do here is change the "artist" field on those 3 cdlc files to "AC/DC" from whatever it is like "acdc" or ACDC".   Only goal here is to make shits appear in the correct order when sorted by Artist.  

If anyone would be kind enough to guide me through this or point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.  

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You can import a cdlc with the import button into the toolkit (you'll need a temporary folder to store all the unpacked file) and then change some info like the sorting name directly from the toolkit field on top of everything.


Then generate the cdlc once you're happy with the changes and you'll get a new psarc file ready to go in your DLC folder.

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