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Waiting for my new Guitar !


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Hey Guys,


I just wanted to ask you Guys if you could help me out [emoji16]

I just bought a Schecter C-6 Deluxe Satin Black for € 287.82 instead of € 345.50 (shipping € 6,-) at www.gear4music.at/de


If someone knows that site oder Dealer, how was your experience ?

Are they trustworthy ?


The thing is, my old guitar broke because i'm such a klutz.

And i don't have any replacement. So i need a new one as fast as possible.

So i was looking for a Schecter for a longer time now and thought a C-6 is exactly what i want even tho they don't have no EMG pickups, but that should be no problem at all.

So the price was kinda high over here in Austria (Europe) and some time later forgot to look out for some price resuctions, sales and stuff, but still fresh new Guitars.

Well one led to another after i broke my old one and i bought the Schecter C-6 Deluxe, the cheapest price i've found so far.

Well $ 250 www.schecterguitars.com but it's US Only.

So yeah kinda sucks, but whatever 300 bucks for a sick looking Guitar.

Hopefully it's a new one (not used), suvives the shipping and transport [emoji27] .


I was thinking about buying a AMP or a Combo. But have no idea what to buy at all.

So i thought since you Guys know hell a lot of more about those AMPS, i should ask you first before i buy one.

Hopefully you Guys can guide me not to buy crap [emoji23] .

Well yeah i need an AMP

- using at home out of Rocksmith 2014

- It should be easy portable

- it sure can weight some. Well shouldn't jump over 50kg [emoji24]

- I would love to play right away rock ~ heavy metal/speed metal (like plug it in and rock the hell out of it)

- a small one should be fine, i don't want to frighten my neighbours tho

- long lifetime if it's possible

- a reliable one

- It doesn't have to be anything super awesome kickass over the top effects machine [emoji1]

- The price is kinda rough... What i could afford would be max. € 200,- ( i really have no idea how much they cost, but if someone knows a cheap one around 50 bucks, i would definitely take that )


Yeah i think that's it. Just a normal reliable good sounding amp for home [emoji5]

I thank you Guys in advance for helping an Amateur <3

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Congrats on the new guitar !

I know a few people who've ordered from gear4music without issue, so you should be fine.


As for amps, I'm no expert, but I've been thinking about getting a practice amp for home use.

I'm currently leaning towards the Blackstar ID Core 10 - 2x 3inch 5w speakers, decent selection of tones and effects, USB connection with software to edit presets and record direct to PC and it's available for around €120.

Plenty of reviews around online, give it a google.

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Congrats on the new guitar !

I know a few people who've ordered from gear4music without issue, so you should be fine.


Thank you and you just made my day [emoji38].

I was hoping to read anything positive about gear4music. Now my worries are cut in half phew [emoji28].

Sadly i had do push the delivery to the 25th of october. So till then i hope the Guitar won't have any issues or gettin damaged on the way here.


That amp sounds kinda promising even tho i have no expectation at all because i never had one to begin with [emoji23] .

I'll look up if i can find some sales.


Thank you so much fiddlesticks

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