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Still can't view CDLC...



I made an account a few days ago (customforge123123) and I was able to view the CDLC just fine. When I tried logging in the other day though, I got the same thing several other people have posted in here.


It logs into the main website here just fine. When I click CDLC though, it asks me to login again. When I log in again, it just takes me back to the main page. Clicking CDLC again causes it to ask me to login again. I tried with two different, up-to-date browsers without any addons or password managers and it didn't work.


I made a post in this forum about it but when I tried logging in again today on that account, the account credentials no longer worked and when I looked on this forum, my post was gone. I'm assuming a mod deleted my account for some reason.


The FAQ said that I would receive a confirmation email that would allow me to view the CDLC but I didn't receive any such email and I was still able to view the CDLC when I made the first account. (but not the second account.) Also, I created this account like twelve hours ago and I haven't received any emails from this website. (I checked all folders including spam)

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You may find the answers you seek in this thread



Thanks for the response,


I had a look at the forum before I first posted and tried all the suggestions I could find related to this issue but none of the suggestions i've seen worked for me. I'm not using a password manager or any other addons. The problem persists in two different, fully updated browsers. My OS is up to date and I regularly scan for spyware and the like. I also just checked my email again and still haven't received a confirmation email. I'm not sure if you still use that system anymore and the FAQ just hasn't been updated since I was able to view the CDLC on the first account I made.


In the thread you linked, the user named Futur204 seems to still have the same problem that I am having and then the admin Unleashed2k private messaged them something else that they could attempt. (I'm not sure why the admin wouldn't just post it in the thread itself?) The thread was then closed or I would have just posted in that thread instead of making a new one.

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