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I thought I need a Workshop as well....

So here is an overview about my CDLCs.


I am going to add the avaible Arrangements (Green = available / Red = not available) and the Tuning also. 

If I have linked, written or whatever anything wrong please notice me!



I appreciate any Feedback I get!



Black Metal

Cradle Of Filth - Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned)

Cradle Of Filth - The 13th Caesar 

Cradle Of Filth - For Your Vulgar Delectation



All Shall Perish - Better Living Through Catastrophe

All Shall Perish - Deconstruction [L/R/B/VC# Drop B


Death Metal

Bloodbath - Eaten

Bloodbath - Cancer Of The Soul

Bloodbath - Brave New Hell

Hypocrisy - Sky Is Falling Down

Hypocrisy - Eraser

Hypocrisy - Tamed-Filled With Fear

Hypocrisy - The Eye

Hypocrisy - Scrutinized

Kataklysm - Blood In Heaven [L/R/B/VB Standard

Kataklysm - Taking The World By Storm [L/R/B/VB Standard

Kataklysm - Crippled & Broken

Kataklysm - At The Edge Of The World

Kataklysm - Thy Serpent's Tongue [L/R/B/VB Standard

Kataklysm - Breath To Dominate [L/R/B/VB Standard

Kataklysm - As Death Lingers [L/R/B/VB Standard

One Man Army And The Undead Quartet - Devil On The Red Carpet


Deutschrock (German Rock)

Böhse Onkelz - Nur Die Besten Sterben Jung

Böhse Onkelz - Heilige Lieder

Böhse Onkelz - Auf gute Freunde

Böhse Onkelz - Wir Ham Noch Lange Nicht Genug

Böhse Onkelz - Narben

Böhse Onkelz - Feuer

Böhse Onkelz - Wenn Du Wirklich Willst

Böhse Onkelz - Nr. 1

Böhse Onkelz - Leere Worte

Böhse Onkelz - C'est La Vie [L/R/B/VE Standard

Böhse Onkelz - Macht für den der sie nicht will [L/R/B/VE Standard

Die Toten Hosen - Nur Zu Besuch

Die Toten Hosen - Unsterblich

Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Niemals

Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Krieg

Frei.Wild - Halt Deine Schnauze

Frei.Wild - Südtirol

Frei.Wild - Mehr Als Tausend Worte

Frei.Wild - Irgendwer Steht Dir Zur Seite


Folk Metal

Finntroll - Häxbrygd

Finntroll - Mordminnen


Gothic Rock

Lacrimas Profundere - Again It's Over


Groove Metal

DevilDriver - Ruthless

DevilDriver - These Fighting Words

DevilDriver - Hold Back The Day

DevilDriver - Unlucky 13

DevilDriver - Swinging The Dead

DevilDriver - I've Been Sober

DevilDriver - Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Five Finger Death Punch - The Pride


Heavy Metal

Running Wild - When Time Runs Out


Industrial Rock/Metal

Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls

Lindemann - Praise Abort

Lindemann - Skills In Pills

Lindemann - Fat

Lindemann - Fish On


Mittelalter Rock (Medieval Rock)

Saltatio Mortis - Worte

Saltatio Mortis - Prometheus

Saltatio Mortis - Miststück

Saltatio Mortis - Sieben Raben

Saltatio Mortis - Spielmannsschwur


Melodic Death Metal

All That Remains - A Song For The Hopeless [L/R/B/V] C# Standard

All That Remains - Become The Catalyst

All That Remains - Before The Damned [L/R/B/V] C# Standard

All That Remains - We Stand

Amon Amarth - Shape Shifter

Amon Amarth - We Shall Destroy

Amon Amarth - Live For The Kill

Amon Amarth - Wrath Of The Norsemen

Amon Amarth - Where Is Your God

Children Of Bodom - Mask Of Sanity

Children Of Bodom - Children Of Decadence

Children Of Bodom - Towards Dead End

Children Of Bodom - Bodom After Midnight

Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll

Children Of Bodom - Sixpounder [L/R/B/V] Standard

Children Of Bodom - Morrigan

Children Of Bodom - I Worship Chaos

Dark Tranquillity - Misery's Crown

Dark Tranquillity - Final Resistance

Dark Tranquillity - Single Part Of Two

Dark Tranquillity - Her Silent Language

Degradead - No One Prevail

Degradead - Kept In The Dark

Disarmonia Mundi - Celestial Furnace

Disarmonia Mundi - Red Clouds

Mors Principium Est - Dead Winds Of Hope

Mors Principium Est - Monster In Me

Mors Principium Est - Pure

Mors Principium Est - Finality

Mors Principium Est - Cleansing Rain

Soilwork - This Momentary Bliss

Soilwork - As The Sleeper Awakes

Soilwork - Late For The Kill, Early For The Slaughter

Sonic Syndicate - Freelancer

Sonic Syndicate - Jailbreak

Sonic Syndicate - Only Inhuman

Sonic Syndicate - Jack Of Diamonds

Sonic Syndicate - Soulstone Splinter

Sonic Syndicate - Callous

Sonic Syndicate - Mission: Undertaker

Sylosis - Indoctrinated

Sylosis - Mercy

Sylosis - Leech

Sylosis - Fear The World

Sylosis - Overthrown

Sylosis - Sands Of Time

Sylosis - Empyreal

Sylosis - Where The Sky Ends

Sylosis - Kingdom Of Solitude

Sylosis - Paradox

Sylosis - Beyond The Resurrected

The Unguided - Deathwalker

The Unguided - Where The Frost Rose Withers

The Unguided - Miracle Of Mind

The Unguided - Phoenix Down

The Unguided - Betrayer Of The Code

The Unguided - Inception

The Unguided - Defector DCXVI



As I Lay Dying - The Only Constant Is Change [L/R/B/V] D Standard

As I Lay Dying - Upside Down Kingdom

As I Lay Dying - Forsaken

Bury Tomorrow - Last Of The Ice [L/R/B/VC# Drop B

Bury Tomorrow - Man On Fire [L/R/B/VC# Drop B

Bury Tomorrow - Of Glory [L/R/B/VC# Drop B

Bury Tomorrow - Watcher [L/R/B/VC# Drop B

Caliban - We Are The Many

Caliban - Memorial

Caliban - I Believe

Callejon - Blitzkreuz

Callejon - Kind Im Nebel

Callejon - Dunkelherz

Callejon - Porn From Spain 2 (feat. KIZ, Mille & Madsen)

Demon Hunter - Driving Nails

Demon Hunter - Collapsing

Demon Hunter - The Soldier's Song

Killswitch Engage - Hate By Design [L/R/B/VD Standard

Killswitch Engage - Strengt Of The Mind [L/R/B/V] D Drop C

Killswitch Engage - Life To Lifeless [L/R/B/VD Drop C

Killswitch Engage - Take This Oath [L/R/B/VD Drop C

Parkway Drive - A Deathless Song [L/R/B/VC# Drop B

Parkway Drive - Dedicated [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B

Parkway Drive - Destroyer [L/R/B/VC# Drop B

Parkway Drive - Bottom Feeder [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B

Parkway Drive - Fractures [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B

Parway Drive - Swing [L/R/B/VC# Drop B

Parkway Drive - The Sound Of Violence [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B

Parkway Drive - Vicious [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B


Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness)

OOMPH! - Träumst Du

OOMPH! - Ich Will Deine Seele

OOMPH! - Sex Hat Keine Macht

OOMPH! - Augen Auf

OOMPH! - Labyrinth

OOMPH! - Gott Ist Ein Popstar

OOMPH! - Das Letzte Streichholz

OOMPH! - Brennende Liebe (feat. L'ame Immortelle)

OOMPH! - Niemand


Nu Metal

Korn - Get Up! [L/R/B/V] A Standard


Pagan/Viking Metal

Obscurity - Nach Asgard Wir Reiten

Obscurity - Varar

Varg - Blutaar

Varg - Schildfront


Progressive Rock

Karnivool - Themata



Betontod - Hömmasammawommanomma

Betontod - Glück Auf

Die Ärzte - Deine Schuld


Stoner Rock/Metal

Sparzanza - The Temple Of The Red-Eyed Pigs [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B

Sparzanza - Follow Me [L/R/B/VC# Drop B

Sparzanza - My World Of Sin [L/R/B/V] Eb Drop Db

Sparzanza - Gone [L/R/B/VC# Drop B



Depeche Mode - Precious

Depeche Mode - Freelove


Technical Death Metal

Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Violation

Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Forsaking

Revocation - Fracked

Revocation - The Grip Tightens

Revocation - Deathless


Thrash Metal

Annihilator - Time Bomb

HateSphere - Need To Kill [L/R/B/VC Standard

HateSphere - Resurrect With A Vengeance [L/R/B/VC Standard

HateSphere - Smell Of Death [L/R/B/VC Standard

Sodom - Blood On Your Lips [L/R/B/V] D Standard

Testament - A Day In The Death [L/R/B/V] Eb Drop Db

Testament - Native Blood [L/R/B/V] C# Standard

Testament - Demonic Refusal [L/R/B/V] Eb Drop Db 



The Cure - Burn

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Your choices of melodeath songs are just oumph/10, good shit man :)


Do you take requests?

You can of course write some wishes but I can't promise that I'm doing them (all). Also I have to be more active at all again :D For example I think some dlcs are missing in my workshop

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Your choices of melodeath songs are just oumph/10, good shit man :)


Do you take requests?

You can of course write some wishes but I can't promise that I'm doing them (all). Also I have to be more active at all again :D For example I think some dlcs are missing in my workshop


Haha yeah, I didn't notice that the post previous to mine was a massive necro. I'll refrain from requesting then mate, keep doing your thing! (y)

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