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Blue Oyster Cult - ME 262


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Baby's first CDLC.


Artist - Blue Öyster Cult

Album - Secret Treaties

Song - ME 262

Parts - Lead




So here's what I have here. I dunno why this song isn't more popular; there isn't a single damn tab for this song (just a Youtube video from 2010 explaining it half wrong), so I charted it myself. That means I guarantee there are errors. I did my best, but it'd be great if someone with a better ear than me could suggest a few changes. 

There are a few errant short sustains that shouldn't exactly be there, but I've fixed that already. Don't feel like recompiling the .psarc again yet though.


Also, how do I add lyrics?



Serious props to you dudes that chart stuff on a regular basis, 'cause that shit's hard.

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Hello Tothler, 


I am in the same situation as yourself, About to post my first CDLC into the workshop for review and advice. I would like to share how someone showed me to add lyrics, as I am sure I will need some help with my custom as well, hope this helps.


First I make a folder in the song folder. And just title it the name of the song and Vocals. Put in the original MP3, choose file tab -> New and load it up in EOF just like before. Go to Song -> Track -> Part Vocals. Just for example play the song until the first word of the lyrics start, right click where the first word was heard and a edit lyric box pops up, type in the word and hit OK. You will see the word is highlighted green, that means you can left click and hold it to be able to move it left or right to be able to line it up. Go ahead and type in the next couple of words and line them up too, you can slow down the speed of the track to make it easier to line them up. Now left click on the first word to highlight it, hold the shift and left click on the last word you had typed in and all the words should b highlighted in green. Then the important thing to do is hit Ctrl + M keys at the same time and you will see a blue background on the phrase. This is called marking the lyrics. This is just the basic principals on creating a lyrics track.

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