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ForgeOn's Workshop


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This is where I will post links to my works in progress.

Thanks for coming to visit my workshop! -ForgeOn



Any recommendations for edits, tones, additions, or corrections is not only welcome but very much appreciated! :)


Currently In Production



PC: Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing (I Believe In Miracles) - v0.20

More Info: Lead, rhythm, and bass parts are added. The Rhythm part has been checked by me and should be correct. The lead part should be correct as well, if a bit boring; I intend to add an alternative arrangement that combines Lead and Rhythm, once everything else is correct. The bass part is still incorrect.

Not Yet Added: Tones, Vocals, Sections/Phrases, Second Rhythm Guitar (The chicka chicka wah guitar, which I do not have a tab for), and an alternate lead arrangement that will be part lead and part rythm (because it's more fun that way!)

Tabs Used: Ultimate-Guitar.com , Songsterr.com


PC: Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Michael Jackson Edit) - v0.26

More Info: Two guitar parts and two bass parts added. Default bass is 4 string, bonus arrangement is 5 string. Default Rhythm guitar has a much more complete arrangement than I can do by ear; it may not be completely accurate but it should be in tune and on rhythm! The Bonus Arrangement for rhythm guitar only has chord changes (so you can improvise the struming) and should have correct pitch and accurate timing. All parts may have some sections and phrases (possibly inaccurate). Vocals have also been added! They are accurate though I may need to remoce some "+" and "~" signs.

Not Yet Added: Tones, Lead guitar (may have to do this by ear), Final Sections/Phrases

Tabs Used: Ultimate-Guitar.com , Songsterr.com - transposed up a tone (whole step)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkCn-iWLiSE



EoF Files:


Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing (I Believe In Miracles)


Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Michael Jackson Edit)



There's nothing here. (Yet! :) )



There's nothing here. (Hopefully we keep it that way!)




Wish List

Mumford And Sons - I Will Wait

Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark

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