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Finally Found a way to speed up the site and use less resources!



So. It's no secret this site runs several scripts, and uses insane resources on the browser/Ram. this was an issue i've had since the beginning. But to be fair, i often open several tabs of songs I want to download and get them as I have time. this can result in a few hundred or more tabs being open. So having 300 tabs in the background. (but not loaded, after FF Closes, and re-opens, it doesn't load the tabs, until you actually click on them. so you'd think it wouldn't affect ram so much.) But the resources each page takes when you do open them are insane, just opening aroughly 10-20 (to save the songs, then close them) uses 1.6GB of the 2.0 ram I have installed, and causes FF to freeze and crash.


To help with this, I got an extention that disabled all flash videos from loading unless i click on them. it helped a little but not enough to really matter.


Well a few weeks ago (i haven't used CF for several weeks, i saved the session and went on to other things, knowing that having the FF Crash after every few songs i wanted to DL was going to happen, and it gets annoying, so i took break). well i got this extention called: Noscript. and it basically disables all scripts, of any kind from loading and eating ram and resources. today i came back to my session and the pages load beautifully. as well as fast, and it's not eating the ram, or my resources, so I think i can finally go through and download all my tabs i have.. But i wanted to share this with anyone else who would like to speed up CF for themselves.


it does say at the top:

" Javascript Disabled Detected

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality."


But honestly so far i haven't seen any reason to need that, or anything else loaded. My notifications at the top still are showing, the links all work. and it just runs better.


The Extention can be found here: https://noscript.net

as well as the addon search in FireFox.


also you can selectively choose which scripts you want any site to load. or permanently or temporarily allow all. it gives you the control. (In case there is something you need to work. that isn't. you can enable that specific script. as needed.)


Now if only there was a program to correctly name and organize the files to my specifications (Artist - SongName (Instruments) (DD) (DD) (Custom Tone) (Version). then i'd be all set. doing that manually for each one per download is tedious. haha

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@@ForgeOn, Yeah I saw a thread about that, like 6 months ago, I'd hope it's still coming along, and will pull the info from the file, and the website, or both. and allow us to choose what info we put, and how it's formatted. and how we want it organized. like i'd like it to go into Genre\Band\Album. but the genre really there is no real way to allow for that, unless it uses the Last.FM, or MusicBrainz API. So I don't realistically see that being added. but the ability to organize it by band, or band and album. would be nice. being able to add if it has DD/RR/Custom Tone, who created the CDLC, and even the suggested notes, and if it has bonus tracks, all would make it nice.

sadly until then i'm stuck adding all of that info to each file as i save it, one at a time, like i said, it's tedious. but at least it makes it much easier to decide which version to keep when a second one is added.

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