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RSI.... bugger!



I think I've mentioned this before, but I've had wrist pain for must be about a year now. Anyway took 6 months off without guitar, done all their exercises and wore the wrist brace thingy and still get pain, sometimes manageable sometimes not.

I'm on several meds already for my broken back / nerve damage and have been told to take paracetamol 20 mins before playing as there is nothing else that won't interfere with what I'm taking already, plus keep up exercises, with a referral for steroid injections in my wrist. That referral is at start of June, then whatever time if I'm suitable.


Has anyone else had this type of pain / injection and has it helped or have you done something different to fix it?


I'm not stopping playing again, it's about the only activity I have left to do lmao, well that and make a bunch of customs :P

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Damn it I thpught RSI was a new version of Rocksmith :)

 Seriously though I also have spnial damage (crushed spinal cord in my case) and nerve damage, I find Co-Dydramol are the tablets for me when it comes to taking the edge off the pain and tingling, it doesn't interfere with the other medication I take, have a word with your Dr, and have they checked for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in your wrist.


Good luck with getting it sorted

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I asked about what they thought it was, apparently they can't tell by x-ray... dunno why they had me have one then...

I have no confidence in any of the doctors around here.

I did ask about surgery but they reckon that there's as much chance of making it worse... but then this is the doctors that had me taking co-codamol for a "sore back" for over a year before I cracked up with them and demanded an MRI scan.


Better of with a google diagnosis, a bottle of brandy and a friend with a steady knife hand xD

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Just an update,

Went to the docs today to asses if I was suitable for an injection, she took 1 look at my xray and said it's "De Quervain's tenosynovitis" and refererred me back to physio department as it wasn't her line of work.


Getting a little frustrated as it was the physios who had the xray done and said there is nothing there. At least the doc was absolutely certain so there is at least a (hopefully) correct diagnosis now :)

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